September 15, 2020

Episode 5: LIGO - The Way the Universe Is, I Think

Topic: LIGO: The Way the Universe Is, I Think | Raw Science Film Festival 2020 Finalist Moderator: Keri Kukral, Raw Science Guests: Physicist Rana Adhikari | Directors - Carrie McCarthy, Hussain Currimbhoy, Mark Pedri Description: A character documentary about a mechanic-turned-scientist who tuned the machine that spurred a dramatic re-envisioning of the universe through the detection of gravitational waves. Over 100 years after Einstein's theory of general relativity predicted the existence of gravitational waves, a team of scientists proved the theory by detecting the first wave using LIGO. This film examines the journey of a scientist who debugged the machine to find the signal in the noise of the universe. The film explores his life as a scientist and a musician, revealing how his character has informed his work that led to a Nobel Prize. | Length: 38 minutes

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